So, the terrorist group Hamas forced the IDF by continuing to launch rockets into the civilian populations of Israel, to go all in and proceed with a ground incursion into Gaza. The main target of this operation is the destruction of their rocket’s caches, the command centers and the tunnels they use to try to cross into Israel and commit terror acts such as suicide attacks.

After more than 24 hours of the incursion, and more than 72 hours of the IDF Special Operation Units inside, Hamas is calling for a 2 hour ceasefire so they can threat their wounded.. Yes… Right… They brought this upon themselves and now they want the IDF to stop? The last time the IDF agreed and within 30 minutes of the ceasefire 100 rockets were fired into Israel. No, fuck you very much.
When Israel declined, the terrorists cry “massacre!”. Again, they are launching rockets into cities: schools, houses, buildings… Kids! And now they cry that the IDF is coming at them too strong? FUCK YOU!

So, in spite of what you might read in the western and arab news, this is a justified operation. It’s backed by not only the US but several countries in the EU (traditionally not supporting Israel) and other nations.

Israel has the right to defend itself.

The IDF is going above and beyond to try to minimize harming civilians inside Gaza. They inform the population of an attack WAY ahead of time, but Hamas urges the population NOT to leave and worse, they stash their rockets and build their command centers in the middle of the populated areas, inside mosques, hospitals and private residencies. THEY USE THEIR OWN PEOPLE AS SHIELDS. So, FUCK YOU if a civilian gets hurts, it’s on Hamas.


Explosives inside private houses

I am going to make it very easy for all of you to understand. This is a very VERY accurate picture of what the so called “freedom fighters” of the terrorist group Hamas do. They hide behind women and children, they bomb women and children. They are fucking cowards.

So, they should be fucking killed like cockroaches.

And you know what? I don’t fucking care what you think, you have no idea what’s going on right now on the ground. You have no idea AT ALL.

So, before you open your mouth, shut the fuck up and go back to your little hole.